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Friday, December 20, 2019

Things To Consider Before Buying An Android Smartphone

Hi If you are planning to buy a smartphone but you have no idea which phone to buy and how to buy a smartphone what all the things we should consider to buy an Android Smartphone.

So don’t worry here I will tell you the main and major aspect which we should check on any Android Smartphone which we wanted to buy.

So most of the people always prefer to take suggestions from their friends and they tell them, this smartphone is best and you should buy this smartphone, but however most of the people research before buying any smartphone, so here I will be sharing with you how to buy Android Smartphone and what all to check before buying smartphone.


How To Buy Android Smartphone | Guide to Buy Android Smartphone

Now let’s talk about the few things which you should consider before buying a smartphone.

Smartphone Display


The display is one of the most important parts of the smartphone as this is the face of the smartphone so always select the best display according to your budget, how I will recommend you to buy AMOLED Panel Display, which increases your phone experiences. And also depend upon the resolution are they providing HD, Full HD, etc.  Because Display resolutions are also mattered to increase the experience to buy the smartphone.

Smartphone Processor


The processor is a major part or you can say, the heart of smartphone, who helps it to run for a long period and smooth, if the phone processor is now good then it will not going to give you a smooth experience and you will not able to do multiple tasks at once. There is a series of Processor which might be wanted to know so that thing we will talk very soon but just here I will tell you processor types: - Snapdragon & Mediatek these both company provides processor at this time in the market in Smartphone.

Smartphone RAM


So here I will be telling you about the RAM which is also known as Random Access Memory and this is also a very important part of smartphones, which supports the processor to work smoothly and help the processor to do all tasks. And it has a different version like LP-DDR1, LP- DDR2, LP- DDR3, LP-DDR4, LP-DDR4X & LP-DDR5.  Till now only LP-DDR4x is used on smartphones and very soon LP-DDR5 will be used on a smartphone. So if you wanted to buy then at least go for that smartphone which having LP-DDR3 or LP-DDR4.

Smartphone ROM (Internal Storage)


Most of the people think that ROM (Read Only Memory) or Internal Memory doesn’t matter that much but, if I tell you that it makes a lot of changes in the phone because it comes different versions like that, currently best version is UFS 3.0.

Smartphone Camera


So now let's talk about the camera, and it also makes an important role at this time and most of the people use the phone for making videos in youtube or in TikTok, but however, some people think that only Mega Pixels Matter in this smartphone but it's wrong a lot of things matter for a smartphone, like as hardware and software, ( Sensor, software, lens, etc). So this also matters a lot so always check which senor or lens they are proving.

Smartphone Battery


So now let's talk about the battery because it's a very important part of the smartphone and I recommend you if you are buying any smartphone then you should go at least 4000mAh battery which has 15W fast Charging support at least.

Smartphone Operating System


Now operating system is also play a important role in the smartphone, because at this time you need to be more secure and safer because at this time a lot of people always trying to hack or attack to in your phone to get your data but, if you have latest operating system then you will get the latest security patch which will help you to save your data.

Smartphone Design


The design also matters and which type of stuff is used on this smartphone like as it has a plastic body or metal body, color contrast, etc.

Smartphone In Trend Or Not


Most of the time we also consider the design, so currently you will see bezel-less smartphones are available in the market, a smartphone with a notch are also available and many other smartphones but you should buy that one which is on-trend like as currently smartphone with a notch is running & bezel-less smartphone, so go accordingly.

Smartphone Budget


Now Budget is the most important aspect to buy smartphone at this time, however, you will get a good smartphone at the price of 12,999 to 15,999 and they all having high performance, high RAM & ROM, good camera, latest software, and fast charging, so why to go for 60,000 smartphone to 70,000 smartphone however you are going to get almost the same features on that smartphone also.

So this is what I suggest you if you are planning to buy a smartphone kindly share your opinion what you think about that,