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Friday, May 15, 2020

Best 5 blogging idea is very important for your tech blog.

Best 5 blogging idea is very important for your tech blog.:- Are you also worried about the topics of your blog? Let's tell your reader about which topic next? If you run a tech blog then it becomes very important that you must write something new all the time.
I will help you today with this article - 5 best blogging ideas for tech blog | I have prepared all the details mentioned in this article by doing my experience and good research. All this information will help all types of bloggers, whether new or old.

Creating a tech blog or updating it from time to time is always a challenge. Because things around us change very fast. For example Companies like Spotify, Uber, Whatsapp, Instagram, Paytm were not there earlier. But today we use them very much in our daily life. Today, there is a company around us for every need, with such service.

In such a situation it becomes very important that the interest of people has also increased in this direction. Today's youth want to read and know more about technology. And this is also important, none of us want to be left behind. And if you write a tech blog to capitalize on this popularity? So I am going to tell you the 5 best blogging ideas for tech blog with a detailed description of new blog topics and ideas.

 5 Best blogging ideas for tech blogs


  • Tech trends
  • Product Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Programming Languages
  • News in Tech

Tech Trends

tech -rends

In terms of tech trends, one should write about trends in the blog. You can also take the help of Google Trends for this. For this, you just have to type in the google trends search engine. And the first link has to be visited.

Important steps to write Tech Trends

Everything is changing very fast with us. In such a situation, we must keep an eye on every change. And these changes can be easily known in Tech Trends.

Tech trends can be articles, posts, or news that are going viral. And you know how good it is to be viral. Overnight trending on every news website.

But to write a blog about Tech Trends, you need to know what is currently in discussion. You can write your blog post on whatever topic is being discussed more.

To write about a topic, you must read about it. And it is necessary to know how you can properly tell your visitor about that topic. You need to learn and read quickly writing Tech Trends.

Not only this, but you also have to keep in mind that you must write your opinion on your blog post. Are you with him or are you still missing something on that topic? Because people like Opinion.

Tech trends can be written primarily on the InSub topic.

  • Apps
  • Games
  • Devices
  • Gadgets
  • Software Updates
  • tools
  • others (technique - Artificial Intelligence)

Product Reviews


Do you know that in a tech blog, you can write more than just technology new, Yes, it is possible, In your tech blog, you can write about Product Reviews.

Product reviews are very popular today. People would like to know about a new product. This is because in the future they can also buy your product reviews by looking at them.

If you associate the affiliate link with that product reviews, then you can also earn a good income from it.

The most important thing about Product Reviews is that you have thousands of products that you can review on your blog.
If you want to write Product Reviews on your tech blog, then keep these things in mind:

  • product description - specs, model number, colors, and use
  • product brand and history - Release date, fan reactions
  • price
  • pros / cons
  • opinion
  • benefits

With this method, you can write Product Reviews. If you use tables along with writing a review, then chances of getting ranked in Google increases.



Like product reviews, tutorials are also a specialized part of a tech blog. In Tutorials, you can learn anything about visitors to your blog. By the way, to get visitors to your website or blog, tech bloggers use Tutorials.

Tutorials usually contain how-to guides. These how-to guides can be on any topic.

Topics on which you can write tutorials for your tech blogs

  • Apps
  • Software
  • Programming languages
  • Operating System
  • Web tools
  • Features

If you are making Tutorials for apps, then keep in mind that you can make any tutorials on the latest version of apps. Because in the latest version, the user interface is also improved with the new feature. In such a situation, the website visitor gets a better understanding of the tutorials made by you.

If you use videos and photos while making tutorials, the visitor will be easy to understand.

 If you make tutorials about any programming language, web tool, or, then keep in mind that you have to make at least 3 to 4 tutorials every month. So that the visitor can get to know something new every day.

Programming languages

Writing a tech blog on programming languages has always been a good experience. You can easily bring visitors to your blog. If you are a programmer, you have one more advantage. That is that you have a plethora of topics to write about Programming languages.

You can easily write 1-2 topics of the day. You can make tutorials about topics, or you can also write topics like top-10, best-10.

Apart from this, you can tell about any issue or bug. As far as I have seen, blogs written on Programming languages are very short but valuable.

Another special thing in the tech blog that is being made on Programming languages is that they do not depend on Google Adsense just to earn money. Programmers sell a new course, but also collect a good amount from their blog.

If you are making your tech blog on Programming languages, then you can write a blog post on these languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Python
  • Php
  • Mysql

The above topic is just for starters. But the list of blogs to be written on Programming languages is long. You can choose any programming language in which you are an expert.

Disclaimer: You don't have to be an expert to write a blog. The most beautiful thing about blogging is that you can learn while doing something.

News in Tech


You must have seen many such blogs that tell Tech News. This is also special because, in today's social media, this news in Tech blog gives you information about what happened in the moment in front of you in a short time.

TheVerge, MIT technology review is an excellent example of this. Gadgets360 is also an infrastructure option in India.

You must have a team to write a tech blog like News in Tech. Who can write about each topic quickly? Because in such a blog you have to put more than 30 posts in your day. Not only this, but you also have to be ready all the time by yourself.

If you are starting a News in Tech blog, then keep these things in mind:

    Your blog should not contain information like fake news. You have to check each of your facts correctly and write to them.
    You have to keep this in mind while writing a blog, you should be aware of the trending topics. Delay in posting blog posts can cause you to lose thousands of visits.

    If you write a 3000-word post in a news blog, you cannot post more. Avoid writing long posts.


Now you must have known that if you are creating a Tech Blog then what kind of posts you should write for your blog. I told you through my article that what kind of posts you wrote on your blog. But now only one thing remains, which I have not been able to tell in this article so far.

That is "consistency". Yes, whatever you write on your blog. If you do not regularly update your blog, you will not be able to bring good traffic to your blog. I advise you that you should regularly update your blog. If you are not able to do regular, then update once a week.
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